Celso Portioli says what Silvio Santos did to prevent him from going to Globo

Celso Portioli says what Silvio Santos did to prevent him from going to Globo

Celso Portioli reveals the episode with Silvio Santos – Photo: Disclosure / SBT

At 57 years old, 28 of which he spent at SBT, Celso Portioli has become the main name of the broadcaster since Silvio Santos decided to “take a break” from the stage. – Officially, the caller's family avoids talking about retirement.

Before Beautiful Sunday Since 2009 – the attraction began to last almost seven hours with the departure of Ileana -, Celso Portioli has experienced ups and downs on SBT until he reached his current moment. A period in the refrigerator, programs cancelled without warning, and a lack of prospects almost pushed him to accept offers from the competition.

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In an interview with César Filho's podcast, Celso Portioli recalled the time he almost said goodbye to the channel and moved to Globo. “There was an incident in the middle of the negotiations, Silvio prevented me from entering the dressing room and used me as a person to moralize the deal, and to talk to him was only in the presidency,” he said.

“But I had a Globo offer, I told him about this offer, he sent me, when I entered his dressing room that day, thinking I looked great, he asked me: 'Who takes you to Globo? '. And I 'couldn't speak', said the artist.

Smart, Silvio Santos quickly tried to get the employee out. “He made me an offer and I ended up staying at SBT,” Portioli revealed. “At that point, he imposed a huge fine on my contract and since then, every offer I received made the proposal unfeasible, so I continued working at SBT.”

But at the moment, Celso does not have a long-term contract with the club, like other names, such as Ratinho, Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega and Raul Gil. To end the relationship, you just have to do what Eliana does and contact him up to three months in advance. “Today, if I want to leave SBT or if SBT wants to dismiss me, it is easier because today it is a contract of trust,” he said.

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Celso Portioli talks about the new challenge on Sundays

Recently, in an exclusive interview with NaTelinha, Celso Portiolli spoke about the challenge of occupying a large part of the Sundays at SBT, a feat previously achieved only by Silvio Santos himself. “In the meeting, the big interest was how to maintain the winning schedule of Domingo Legal. Domingo Legal is a program that is going through a very good phase, that has achieved good numbers. How are you going to change a schedule that is working successfully? To try to do something when this is uncertain?”, he declared.

“I said, ‘I can’t change my schedule. I stick to my own schedule. I have no problem. If you want, I can do seven hours of programming. Give me until 6 p.m. and I’ll go with a program and I’m sure I can hold out,’” the broadcaster confirmed.

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“People don’t have a lot of ideas, but Domingo Legal today was four and a half hours… four hours and thirty-five on the air. So, to do more and get to six in the afternoon, I’m going to need two more frames of 50 minutes each, according to our calculations,” he explained.

“So I said, ‘I can do it. What day are you going to record Eliana? Tuesday, okay, I’ll go on TV on Tuesday, record two scenes, and do it live, no problem, I won’t do anything on Sunday, since I started working in radio, I don’t do anything on Sunday, I just work.’”

“So, I have worked all my life in radio, I have taken six to seven hours off from radio. Today you can no longer do that, right? I have always worked a lot on Sunday, so it is no problem for me. I love doing it, I love doing it and I have accepted the challenge,” said Celso Portioli.


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