Celebrity Show: Gloria Grove revives Justin Timberlake, performs dance show and shocks the web with transformation; Watch

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The competition is increasingly fierce! Aired on Sunday (21), during “Domingão com Huck”, another night of controversies on “Show dos Famosos”, which featured performances by Margaret Menezes, Fiock and Gloria Grove! On the panel of judges for evaluating the performance of the three performers were Ponneho, Britta Gill and Claudia Raia – who did not have an easy task on their hands, did they?! The guys did really well in the shows!

The Lady of the East took to the stage marked by the name Justin Timberlake and performed vocals in honor of the pop star! The artist rocked vocals during a mix of “Sexyback” and “My Love”, and of course gave it all in his choreography! “It was my pleasure. I’m delighted. You get the look you want. You’re a great actor. You sing whatever you want. The world is yours.”Claudia praised. Gloria received ten marks from the three judges and also from the audience.

The star’s gestures, posture and visual transformation shocked social networks. “The Gloria Grove Who Made Justin Timberlake Better Than Justin Timberlake”Twitter profile said.Gloria Groove did a very good job of Justin Timberlake! The impression she gets is that she is able to transform herself into whoever she wants. Embarrassed!”Register a second person. “Influenced by Justin Timberlake’s Gloria Groove”, surprised third.

Margaret Menezes

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Margaret, in turn, decided to pay homage to Sandra de Sa, and showed a lot of swing during her performance of the song “OlhosColoros”. Interesting detail: Sandra was actually on “Show dos Famosos” in 2018, and on that occasion, she paid tribute to Menezes! “To see a queen honor another is a beautiful thing… Margaret, you are a symbol of greatness,” Brita, who distributed, like the audience, announced ten. Claudia and Bonino gave a 9.9 for the performance.


Fuchs’ choice was correct! The musician decided to play Renato Rosso, the lead singer of Ligiao Urbana who left us twenty-five years ago. Fabio Jr.’s son, surprised him, when he seemed unrecognizable on stage, imitating all the gestures of his inspiring muse. The song chosen was the anthem “Sira”.

At the end of the performance, the singer moved. “I will refrain from crying because I am famous for crying. I live in challenges. I enjoy, I give in. Getting here and receiving these grades is knowing it was all worth it”Fiock, who received the highest scores from all the jury and audience, said he even cried out to celebrate.

Despite receiving impressive marks, he ended up last in the overall standings. With a total of 158.6 points, the artist was eliminated at the time, losing to Margaret who had 158.9 points, and Gloria with 159.2 points. “Guys, it was such a pleasure. I already knew, but I am so happy to be able to participate. I am leaving so happy, thank you so much for your generosity”, BBB ex thanked.

On the networks, Fyuk was praised for his performance! “Fuke will end the year the same way it began: being wronged on shows with Bonigno.”, joked journalist Mauricio Steiser, of the University of Owl. “Fiuk was supposed to be the new singer for Legião Urbana. Row 10!”Journalist Chico Barney also commented. “Renato Rosso’s Vieque was his best performance”An Internet user announced. See more feedback below:

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