Celebrate music in “Vale Perdido” |

Celebrate music in “Vale Perdido” |

the festival Lost Valley It asserts itself as a place “to meet different musical genres and different audiences.” Curated by Joaquim Quadros (VAGO and LISA programmer), independent cultural programmer Sergio Hidalgo and Gustavo Blanco (of Sonar Lisbon), the idea was, according to Quadros, “to create a space to challenge the festival format itself.”

Creative name – Lost Valley – He came because it had “a more Disney side, which can spark the imagination and make us forget the idea of ​​a festival.” The three curators left nothing to chance, as the name refers to the Tagus Valley and “the idea of ​​Lisbon becoming a half-forgotten corner over time.”

Japanese sound artist and composer FUJI||||||||||TA brings his majestic hand-controlled pipe organ.

The label includes 14 “eclectic and adventurous” musical performances, from countries such as Cape Verde, USA, France, Japan, Lithuania, Portugal, UK and Uganda, including premieres from international artists such as Joanna Sternberg or Fuji. || ||||||||Ta; Show new albums (Nihiloxica); The return of famous names, especially Luc Vibert and Cleo; New collaborations, such as Gabriele Ferrandini and Xavier Paes; and a focus on “national effervescence” (Batocaderas das Oleas, DJ Caring, Maria Reis, Patricia Brito, Pulido, Ricardo Grosel, Tadas Quasar, Violet).

When thinking about the lineup, the programmers were keen to choose artists who “tell a story from the first night to the last night,” starting with “a ritual that went through several moments: through experimentation, through imitation and innovation of rhythm, through songs in Clubbing, from the most introspective to the most physical and exhilarating,” that is, “would provide many cultural conversations within itself. Hey Lost Valley “I always had to instigate the intersection between people and music,” explains Joachim Quadros.

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On November 16, B.Leza will host the national premiere of North American folk singer, Joanna Sternberg.

Concerts are held at Igreja St. George, at B.Leza, at LISA and at 8 Marvila, rooms where music can “breathe different environments, reflect different languages ​​and induce movement from side to side across the city. LISA and B.Leza are the most obvious, as they are two rooms we work with Closely with Sergio. The Church of Saint George for being a place that really lives in the music circuit of Lisbon and for being so cool. 8 Marvila for having the space, the rawness and the novelty and transporting us to the other, more marginal and alternative side of Lisbon. The energy of the Marvila space has birth genes that also accompany our project.

Batucadeiras de Olaias makes rhythm and oral tradition an act of affirmation.

A few days before the start of this first edition, Quadros explains that the idea is for the festival to continue: “Once we started designing it, we envisioned the subsequent editions through diverse ideas and collaborations to bring it to fruition. Hey Lost ValleyOnce it appeared as an embryo, it began to be viewed as a continuing developmental path. There was “a lot of music that was left out, and artistic proposals that we did not implement this year and want to implement in the next session. There was no sense in being punctual, even at the beginning.

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