CCM, very hot rain isolated under very hot and humid air

CCM, very hot rain isolated under very hot and humid air

Thursday dawn in Porto Alegre felt like the capital of northeastern Brazil, with sun and stifling temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius in some neighborhoods and isolated thick clouds causing rainfall. This was the feeling of the humid, stifling air.

The image from the GOES-16 meteorological satellite showed a medium-sized convective complex over northeastern Argentina. It is the second dawn in a row that the CCM is operating in the mid-latitudes of South America. Yesterday, another such system brought heavy rainfall of up to 150mm to 200mm in a few hours in parts of central and western Argentina. Uruguay.

A mesoscale convective complex (known in meteorology by the abbreviation CCM) is a group of storms that occurs on a scale of a few tens to hundreds of kilometres, and is a common phenomenon that forms at night in the hot months of the year in northeastern Argentina and Paraguay.

These convective complexes have an organized structure that may include several interconnected individual convective cells and often present a circular appearance in satellite images.

Climate change models are often associated with large-scale weather systems such as fronts, squall lines, or low-pressure areas and are capable of producing heavy rains with surges, thunderstorms, hail, and, in some cases, severe storms with tornadoes.

This type of formation occurs in very hot, humid, and unstable air masses, just like the air mass currently covering Rio Grande do Sul and the neighboring country, which favors extreme heat with a lot of congestion and instability.

Therefore, Thursday in Rio Grande do Sul will see a very hot and humid day with sun and rain in several areas. It is so hot, humid and unstable that any passing cloud is capable of bringing rain, so rainfall tends to be highly uneven in its distribution and not all cities receive rain.

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The sun will appear accompanied by clouds this Thursday in the state, but there will be greater cloud cover in Rio Grande do Sul. Rain is expected mainly in parts of northwest, west, central and southern Rio Grande do Sul, but rainfall will be poorly distributed. In the west, there is a risk of local heavy to isolated heavy rains. In other regions, any instability will be local and temporary.

Thursday will be hot in Rio Grande do Sul state, but clouds prevent further warming in some areas. The heat will be strongest again in greater Porto Alegre and in the valleys as well as in parts of the northwest, where maximum temperatures should range between 33°C and 35°C in most cities, but in some points above 35°C.

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