Cayo Platt charges R$2,000 for a tree house in Rio de Janeiro

Cayo Platt charges R$2,000 for a tree house in Rio de Janeiro

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06/11/2021 17h25

Can you imagine staying in a house where a famous person lived? Actor Caio Blat made his treehouse available for rent for one season on Airbnb’s website and it was a success. The property is located in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, and his daily rent is R$2,000.

According to the description on the rental platform, the glass and wood property is in the midst of nature, overlooks the sea, has three bedrooms, four beds, 3 and a half bathrooms, and sleeps eight people. In addition, the site is designed to provide privacy for the guests and has a natural pool with a waterfall.

A condominium wooden and glass house on Itanhangá hill, overlooking the lagoon and beach in Barra. Ample space for socializing and relaxation. A waterfall flowing from the mountains fills a gentle natural pool. Designed by renowned architect Jorge Mário Jáuregui, the house is designed to provide privacy and integration, with Smart connections between rooms and the surrounding nature,” says the property description on Airbnb.

The actor’s tree house also accepts pets and shows wi-fi It is located throughout the property and has its own private car park. On the rental website, the property has received top marks in all aspects and has many acclaims from previous guests.

Someone said, “The house is great.” “The place is spacious and the view is great,” another former guest remarked. A third person said, “The house is great.”

Caio Platt learned of the great success through the “Achados do Airbnb” page on social networks and thanked him for his compliments. He wrote: “Okay people! Glad you liked ‘Tree House’. Welcome.”

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