Castlevania producer says it will be very difficult to adapt Symphony of the Night into the series

Produtor de Castlevania diz que seria muito difícil adaptar Symphony of the Night em série

The final season of the animated series Castlevania Already appeared in NetflixBut fans are already debating whether the project’s creators won’t stop there.

In an interview with soon, the product Kevin Couldy He was asked if the classic could be adapted Symphony of the night In the future, however, it appears the idea will only remain in the imagination for the time being.

Kolde explained that, since Netflix animation has already explored many of the amazing elements of SuttonIt would be difficult to launch such a project

From a narrative point of view, the Symphony of the Night is an interesting challenge because Alucard must fight his father, Dracula. But we actually did that in Season Two. So I’m not sure how to do the same thing, which makes it meaningful again. So there will be a lot of challenges to develop that story, but there are also other interesting elements in the game. Richter Belmont and Mariah Renard are still exploitable, but I don’t know how we’re going to have a better fight between Alucard and Dracula than we already did, frankly with you.

The first three seasons of the series are available on the platform. Fourth show on May 13, 2021.

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