Cash credit of up to R$3,000 will go to R$20 million, including negative

Cash credit of up to R$3,000 will go to R$20 million, including negative

The new program to be launched by Federal Savings Bank It will provide loans of up to 3 thousand Brazilian reais to its customers, including those who are passive. The credit line will be launched in February and about 20 million Brazilians are expected to join the service.

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Details regarding the software have not been released by Caixa yet, but this information should be released soon. The bank does provide credit to passive persons, but with the possibility that the contracting party will pledge some assets.

Caixa wants to expand this credit service, so that it can reach more people, including those who do not have open accounts with any bank. This measure is part of measures called “electoral package” by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), which includes transfers from Auxílio Brasil and national gas coupons.

Credit can be accessed at a Caixa branch, which will open 300 new physical points in 2022, mostly in the northeastern and northern regions of the country.

Caixa Econômica Federal will release Caixa Credit for Individual Small Entrepreneurs (MEIs). It will be powered by the Caixa Tem app, the tool the bank uses to contract services and verify information from its customers.

According to information from the financial institution, more than 109 million free digital social savings accounts have been opened through the Caixa Tem app since its launch.

This app was launched in 2020 and the goal was to move emergency assistance, but when the feature ended, Caixa decided to make some changes to the app, expanding its functionality further. Currently, the application offers credit cards and loans, as well as the receipt of Auxílio Brasil and the contracting function of the Saque-Aniversário do FGTS.

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