Carol Dickman celebrates her son David’s birthday in an intimate party

Carol Dickman celebrates her son David’s birthday in an intimate party

Carolina Dickman this weekend celebrated the birthday of her eldest son, Duffy, with his relationship with Marcus Frutta. The boy turned 22 last Friday (16 years old) and won an intimate ceremony alongside his mother, stepfather Thiago Workman, and younger brother, Jose, at the family home in Miami, USA, last night.

“Onelove. Davi 22,” the actress wrote in the caption for the photo album where everyone appears together to sing congratulations to Duffy.

Carolina Dickman honored Davy With beautiful text on your birthday, Friday, 16. Among the beautiful words she wrote, she said that the birth of her son represented “one of the most beautiful days of my life, the day I was born with him.”

On Friday, she already posted a tribute to her son on her Instagram account with text and several pictures of David’s childhood and teen “Today is one of the most beautiful days of my life: my mother’s birthday, who was born with David. This boy is the most special thing I could ask for, but I wouldn’t even know or dream: He is a creature with a deep well of sweetness and character, plus a sense of justice that makes me proud. Flexibility scares me: Buddha type, “I began.

“David his whole life has been friendly and less social; that may seem impossible, but he is full of these things that are difficult to understand. David is a mystery; of those who do not help disintegrate, because he does not know; I feel. Lucky for whoever feels. Lucky for me that life lit On your arrival and on your way. May you break any shadow with your light, my son. And that you always fly, without fear, live here, ”added Carolina.

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