Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega criticizes Lula’s lack of a diploma

Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega criticizes Lula’s lack of a diploma

The presenter said that if Lula accepted an invitation to go to his podcast, he would question the lack of higher education

Broadcaster and comedian Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, 87, criticized the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) for not having a college degree. he is theHe confirmed that he would like to ask Batista for an explanation About the fact that he did not have a higher education being the head of the executive branch.

Anchor of the humorous program of SBT (Brazilian Television System), “our arena”He said he invited Lola to participate in his podcast. “The guy who doesn’t have high school, college, accounting, anything [ …] To be president? This is why the country is the way it is.”Carlos Alberto announced in an interview with living wheelfrom TV cultureOn Monday (July 3, 2023).

Watch interview excerpts:

Despite the letter, the presenter stated that he had not “Mixes business with his ideals”.

I don’t have a party. Because I have friends in several parties, so I avoid talking about politics.announced.

Carlos Alberto also said that, in his program about SBT, he had ridiculed some of the Lula government’s actions. He mentions, for example, when Planalto bought a reclining sofa for more than R$60,000 and when Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was received by the Workers’ Party.

When I brought Lola Maduro and they laid out a red carpet for him, the same week I put it on Pracahe spoke.

about the former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the comedian commended him and said he was honored, in 2019, by the then CEO. According to him, 1 day before going to Congress, the former CEO “party hell” when you find it.

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On the day of the celebration in honor of Carlos Alberto de Nobrega in the room, Bolsonaro made a trip on foot from Planalto to the Casa Baixa headquarters. “I don’t think any president has ever done that, with any comedian,” announced the presenter.

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