Carlos Alberto de Nobrega and SBT apologize after falling out with Praia Grande

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega and SBT apologize after falling out with Praia Grande

comedy team the box is ours and the presenter Carlos Alberto de Nobrega She slipped through a press release on Thursday (28) after comedian Mhel Marrer made a joke with big beach, a city on the coast of São Paulo.” At that time, the comedian called a city “dirty” Is that Everyone is ugly.

“SBT, presenter Carlos Alberto de Nobrega and the “A Praça é Nossa” team hereby express their sincerest apologies to the merchants, businessmen, tourists and the entire population of Praia Grande, from which we express our deep appreciation and appreciation for the repercussions of the jokes he made under the actress and comedian Michelle Marer on October 21.

“In the retraction that will be broadcast on the program on Thursday, October 28, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, on behalf of all the humor professionals who make up the A Praça é Nossa family, sincerely apologizes to those who, in some way were uncomfortable with a funny picture. Carlos Alberto de Nossa recalls Nobrega’s intention is to entertain and entertain people who appreciate the programme, adding that “if there was any excess that ultimately upset some viewers, we are in deep solidarity.”

“By repeating the humorist’s words, SBT also makes it clear that all actions are being taken and that the idea was never to harm, offend or cause discontent to any Praia Grande citizen. We are aware of all the achievements and improvements that have been made in recent decades and that continue to this day,” the note said. This, as well as the amount of pride he brings back the self-esteem of the residents of Praia Grande.” .

I’m sorry, Mahel Marer

Comedian Mhel Marrer has apologized to residents of Praia Grande, a port city in Sao Paulo, after making a joke during A Praça é Nossa on October 21. In her apology, the comedian said that when she performed in the city the audience laughed a lot at her jokes.

“I’m sorry, residents of Praia Grande, I was wrong. I shouldn’t be lewd in your town, I thought it was funny. And I thought it was funny because whenever I played shows in Praia Grande, you laughed and applauded the same jokes when I did it with São Vicente,” she said. In a video posted on her Twitter account.

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