Carla Zampelli has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit and explains her condition

Carla Zampelli has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit and explains her condition

He was admitted to the intensive care unit of DF Star Hospital, in Brasília, Federal MP Carla Zampelli (PL-SP) published a video This Saturday, 20, to reveal his health. Earlier this week, the parliamentarian fell ill suddenly and had to stay in the health unit.

“We still don’t know what it is, but I’ve had health issues since I was a little girl,” she said. At the age of 14, I had a urinary tract infection and then another, as well as a generalized infection. At the age of 35, I developed a brain tumor that was very traumatic and led to fibromyalgia.”


Carla Zampelli Explains Health Situation and Plans to Room – 05/20/2023 | Photo: Instagram run

According to the parliamentarian, it has Ehlers DanlosIt is a rare syndrome that affects the joints of the body. He said, “The times when I have to walk away, it’s because of something serious, more powerful than me.” “I have to stay in the hospital until Tuesday and then with a little longer attestation to undergo treatment in São Paulo. However, I will ask President Arthur Llera to vote from afar. Thus, I will not stop my work in the room.”

The lawmaker also said that “the persecution and psychological torture practiced by the left” would not affect her.

Carla Zampelli has been hospitalized again

In March, Carla Zampelli had already left the room to be treated for a stomach ulcer with H-pylory bacteria, classified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen.

H-pylory is a type of bacteria that enters the body, settles in the digestive tract and, years later, causes discomfort, gastritis and wounds, which can lead to cancer. The deputy returned to the room after 20 days of treatment.

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