Carla Diaz talks about the downtime when filling the car

Carla Diaz talks about the downtime when filling the car

Ex-sister Carla Diaz shared an extraordinary moment with the crowd on Wednesday (19). While driving her mother’s car in Rio de Janeiro, the actress, not realizing the petrol was running out, stopped on Avenida das America, on the west side of town.

Carla Diaz talks about how long to stay when they run out of gas

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He said in his stories: “The things that happen to me: I borrowed my mom’s car, because I don’t own my car yet, and I forget to add gas … The result: the car has stopped.” Donates. He said, “Me de Chanel, who many people said was 48,000 Brazilian reals, at the age of 30, and stopped in the middle of Avenida Das America without real petrol in the car.”

A few hours later, Diaz spoke to the audience again to reassure the people involved. “Lots of people were worried about me, but I’m already at home, everything is fine. Lots of people told me to ask for help, but they didn’t have to, because Carla Diaz is an asset, and this issue was resolved on my own. These things just happen to me. “.

Then I was told what to do to get the fuel in the middle of the busy road. I opened the trunk of my mother’s car and there was an empty petrol canister. That is, I think she had gone through this situation before in her life. I took it, called the app car, went to the nearest gas station, and she came and stayed there filling the car with gasoline, then took the car to the gas station. That is my story. “

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