Carla Diaz reports her disappointment with Carole Konka, but says: The outside is different

Carla Diaz reports her disappointment with Carole Konka, but says: The outside is different

Actress Carla Diaz who participated inBBB 21 “, he said, he was surprised by many things when he left the house.

Carla Diaz has admitted that she was disappointed with the singer inside the house, but said that she doesn’t think she will repeat some of the things she did inside BBB outside, as she realizes that the pressure of the game conflicts with situations.

“I never imagined putting Carol Konka outside the house. Even because a lot of things happened that we don’t know. I had a tough situation with her inside the house, she was insulting me as an actress. I had a lot of admiration.” “I had a lot of admiration,” said Carla Diaz, Altas Horace co-star on TV Globo, today For her, I was disappointed, but that happened in the match. What we lived inside, we will not live here anymore. “

“As far as real life is, with everyone’s problems, there is the stress of the game, which makes everything more difficult. I felt like when I left, I felt relaxed about the weight of the game. I saw there are a lot of things here, but a lot of things wouldn’t be experienced the same way.” . I think they have a lot of situations because of the game and they won’t be here, “he continued.

He refused the first call

Carla Diaz also revealed that she said yes to “BBB” only on the second call she received. The actress who starred in it Movies The Girl Who Killed Her Parents and The Boy Who Killed My Parents, who tell the story of Susan von Richthofen from different perspectives, said that filming was the reason for rejection in 2020.

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“BBB’s secret is: If I say, you were disqualified before entering. The invitation came last year, and I was still recording films for Von Richtofen’s case. And I said no. They called me again this year. And Carla Diaz said,” I have always been a huge fan. Crosswise, so I accepted. Sometimes I feel like something is missing – the microphone is on my neck. “

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