Cara de Sabato pays his luck and wins the captain’s test after a prank TV news

Cara de Sabato pays his luck and wins the captain’s test after a prank TV news

Antonio Jay shoes He won the leader’s challenge BBB 23 Thursday night (26). The role dynamics required the participants to focus on assembling the puzzle. At first, the fighter thought he would co-pilot with Amanda Meirelles. However, he did get the upper hand and a zero kilometer car thanks to a little luck.

Tedio Schmidt asked before starting the activity The two leaders are Bruna Grivao and Larissa Santos They declare a veto on the test. “We were thinking a lot, Larry and I. I’m not going to veto it.” Cowboys [Gustavo Benedeti] And no key. I’m going more for convergence reasons, it would be Domitilla [Barros]revealed the actress.

“Obviously, for fear of the wall, it will be a veto for both of us, but we will give them the opportunity to run in the race. We have agreed to veto [Cezar] black And Domitilla ”, they chose Larissa.

To the sisters’ shock, Tadao requests that they both veto two other opponents. “Damn hell! I swear? [Vai ser] Jibril [Santana], sorry, “the blonde lamented.” Thinking of the people who might vote for me, I think… I’m going to veto Christian [Vanelli]Larisa chose.

unique [Nicácio]You can also veto anyone. Who do you veto? ” Jibril [Tavares]The winner answered the wall of the secret room.


The test was performed in pairs. One player is tasked with throwing balls at three targets to knock down puzzle pieces. The other player received a spare from the other side to pass through a Chevrolet Montana. When the assembly is completed, a button must be pressed to indicate the end of the first step. Whoever finishes first will qualify for the final.

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Fred and Larissa were the first to complete the activity in the first stage, but they made a compilation mistake. In doing so, Amanda and Cara de Sabato qualified. Gustavo Benedetti and Kei Alves also carried out the task and were sent to the decisive stage.

In the last stage, the pairs of finalists also had to follow the same dynamics as in the first stage. Amanda and Cara de Sabato completed the activity in the shortest time and won the lead.

“You both won, but there’s only room for one, and we also only have one car. You have four keys, only one league for a Chevrolet Montana. Decide who will be the first to try to connect,” Tedio Schmidt asked. With the correct key, Sapato manages to start the car and becomes head of the house.

Amanda, in turn, was awarded immunity and was given another week on the confinement program.

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