Can this optical illusion measure your stress level? paying off

Can this optical illusion measure your stress level?  paying off

Have you ever thought about assessing your stress level? One picture A fascinating story circulating on social media promises to provide the answer.

It is an optical illusion that gives the impression of moving according to your emotional state.

Optical Challenge: This optical illusion will test your stress level

The image gained fame on TikTok when it was shared by a user who claimed it was made by Japanese neurologist Yamamoto Hasima.

According to the explanation, if the image remains still, this indicates calm; Slight movement indicates moderate stress. A carousel-like rotation will indicate a high level of pressure.

Try this optical illusion that supposedly assesses your stress level – Image: Yurii Perepadia/Reproduction

The post quickly went viral, garnering nearly 6 million views and 6,000 comments from people sharing their experiences with the number.

The truth behind the picture

However, the truth behind this optical illusion is different. Contrary to the initial claim, the authorship was not by a Japanese neurologist, but by a Ukrainian graphic artist named Yuri Peribadia.

According to information from the British newspaper Daily Mail, Peribadia admitted on Twitter that he is the creator of the optical illusion.

He drew it using Adobe Illustrator in 2016, using the influence of Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a famous professor of psychology at Ritsumeikan University, and an expert in optical illusions.

The artist's interpretation reveals that the movement in the image occurs due to the human brain's attempt to recognize patterns and colors that do not exist in reality.

Therefore, the observed movement is not related to the level of stress, but rather to the peripheral vision of each individual.

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Perepadia explains that when focusing on the center of an image, it appears more moving, while when looking at the edges, it appears static.

Therefore, if the optical illusion of rotating like a carousel works for you, you do not need to worry about the possibility of a nervous breakdown.

This actually indicates good peripheral vision. So sit back and enjoy the previously bizarre nature of the human mind Optical illusions.

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