Can the singer be sued by Chico?

Can the singer be sued by Chico?

“In cases of violation of intimate relationship and private life, the Federal Constitution guarantees the right to compensation for material or moral damage. The Federal Constitution protects intimate relationships and private life. However, in this case, it is necessary to consider the general dimension of the participants, and the exposure to the relationship itself, by both. “The issue is not simple,” explains Peixoto & Cury specialist Advogados.

Luisa Sonza reads the letter when she announces the separation from Chico Moedas Photo: Reproduction / Globo TV

At the same time, Hugo Leonardo Lippi Arias, managing partner of the Forensic Intelligence and Negotiations District in the city of Guimarães Adfojados, stresses that the artist’s fame cannot be used as an excuse for the violation of fundamental rights.

“There is a lot of talk about the flexibility possible regarding the intimacy, image and private lives of public figures. However, it is necessary to emphasize that a person’s fame should not be an excuse for violating his rights, especially the rights of personality and fundamental rights guaranteed by civil legislation and the Federal Constitution, respectively, as is the case.”

According to Denovan Dumas, business law partner at MFBD Advogados, despite the discomfort over the alleged infidelity, the singer exposes herself to civil and criminal liability when the matter is broadcast on television. “By appearing on a television program and publicly disclosing on national television such private issues relating to the intimate life of the spouses and the former partner, the person making the disclosure is subject to civil and criminal liability.”


The relationship ended after the alleged infidelity
The relationship ended after the alleged infidelity Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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Chico’s friends reported that the boy had been subjected to several threats since the breakup became public. According to lawyer Denovan Dumas, “the fact that a person is being persecuted or threatened as a result of unjustified exposure can further aggravate the situation.”

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