Camrose Johnson, Lucius Fox, reject Ruby Rose’s accusations

Camrose Johnson, Lucius Fox, reject Ruby Rose's accusations

One year after leaving the role Batuman, actress ruby rose He published a comprehensive report in his book Instagram, Make accusations and explain the reasons for his exit from the series. She drew the actress to the environment as toxic, and is subjected to abusive behavior by many of the producers and actors involved in the series.

Actors cited by Rose Kant Dougray Scott, who plays Jacob Kane and is alleged to have yelled at the cast and production crew, as well Camrose Johnson. or translator Lucius Fox/bat wing His former colleague described him as “A cocky kid who only worked one day a weekNow Johnson has responded to the allegations (via heroic hollywood).

On Twitter, the actor provided a brief thread commenting on the controversies, suggesting that Ruby Rose’s statements hide the behaviors from the actress herself:

Batfamily, you know I need to say something. I love you all, and I don’t think I haven’t seen all that love today. But yeah, she was kicked out – and it’s very hard to get kicked out when you’re in the lead. Imagine the things you need to do for this to happen.

In another tweet, he described the accusations as lies:

As they said she was the one who “walked away” last year, surely a lot of people were confused or frustrated, especially with the lies that have been spread today. Just know that there are a lot of good people working on this show, and nothing changes that. Good people from top to bottom.

In addition to the actor, the site Warner Bros. Television also describes Ruby Rose’s accusations as lies.

Camrose Johnson’s comment aligns with GPS from Warner Bros. TV about the situation, who classified Ruby Rose’s statements as “Historical revisionism‘, and reinforced the idea that the actress was fired rather than leave voluntarily.

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After she left Ruby Rose at the end of season one, Wallis day He returned as Kate Kane to finish the character arc in Season 2.

Currently, the turn Batuman live by Gavesia LeslieThe actress who plays the new character Ryan Wilder. The third season of the series is already being broadcast in the United States. In Brazil, the transmission is done in HBO Max, which also shows previous seasons in the catalog.

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