Camila gathers Zizzi de Camargo and her family at a christening: “Grandma Zhilo was missing”

Camila gathers Zizzi de Camargo and her family at a christening: "Grandma Zhilo was missing"

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07/04/2021 21h46update in 07/04/2021 21h47

Camila Camargo gathered the family to christen their youngest daughter Julia. The baby, who is just over three months old, appeared in one click with her family, including her grandfather, Zizi de Camargo. Camilla wrote: “Today was a very special day, named after Julia. Because of the pandemic, only godparents and grandparents have come.”

He then added, “She was so special, so emotional and so blessed.” “The only thing missing is that Grandma Zelo Godoy is complete, but she really couldn’t attend,” he explained. Zilu, Zezé’s ex-wife, spends a season at his house Luxury apartment in Miami, United States of America.

“Thank you Father Antonio Maria for the blessing, godparents Luciel de Camargo and Denilson for their love and acceptance to be mirrors of Julia, cousins ​​Maria Eduarda and Davey and the wonderful grandparents Zizi de Camargo, Maria Luisa Lisa and Jorge Menezes for so much love,” Camila concluded in this post.

This is Zezé’s first appearance after Involved in an argument with Rodrigo Faro. Yesterday the singer country side “You need” the host of “Hora de Faro”, RecordTV, saying that he does everything for the audience. It was pointed out in one of the reviews of the presenter that Rodrigo “was selling his mother even to the public”.

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