Camila Camargo charms the web with a new video by Joaquim: “Grandma Zilu, Grandpa Zezé”

Camila Camargo (Photo: clone/Instagram Camila Camargo)

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Camila Camargo He let his Instagram followers die of love on Monday night (12). This is due to the fact that the daughter of Zilu Godoi and Zezé di Camargo shared her unique records of her little one on her social network.

In the joint video sequence, Camila Camargo shows her son Joachim calling Zélo Godoy and Zizi de Camargo “Grandma Zello” and “Grandpa Zizi”. At a certain moment the little boy speaks: “Grandma Zilo, come here to see me. Grandpa Jorge and Zizi. Grandpa Zizi come here to see me.”. Joachim’s words enchanted the web and soon the video of the moment went viral among Internet users.

Watch the video:

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It is not new for Camila Camargo to share the records of her young children on social networks. A few weeks ago, the actress also used her Instagram account to post photos of Julia’s baptism.

+ Camila Camargo celebrates 3 months of Julia’s birth: “Love of my life”

At the time, Camilla wrote: “Today was a very special day, named after Julia. Because of the pandemic, only godparents and grandparents had come, but she was very special, very emotional and blessed. Only grandmother @zilucamargooficial was missing to complete, but in fact she couldn’t come”.

+ Camila Camargo regrets Zello’s absence from her daughter’s christening

Collaboration: Leticia Paes

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