California Governor calls for statewide AI training

California Governor calls for statewide AI training

California Governor Gavin Newsom emphasized the importance of people staying ahead of the curve in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) by acquiring new skills and learning about emerging technology.

As shown in a reportthere is a suggestion that Californians should have access to education and training opportunities in GenAI:

“To support California’s state government workforce and prepare for the next generation of skills needed to thrive in the GenAI economy, agencies will provide training to state government employees to use state-certified GenAI to achieve equitable outcomes.”

It has been stated that this is necessary in response to the significant impact on employment indicated by recent reports on GenAI.

The report cited Goldman Sachs forecasts that GenAI is expected to impact 300 million jobs worldwide, despite the potential productivity gains expected to be achieved.

“As such, the state must lead in training and supporting workers, enabling them to participate in the AI ​​economy and creating demand for companies to locate and hire here in California,” he noted.

Moreover, he stated that GenAI education initiatives should start in higher education institutions and technical schools.

There have been several recent reports about the potential impact of AI on jobs in the global economy.

On July 12, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a report outlining which jobs are most at risk from AI.

The research ranks “senior management positions” as those most exposed to AI.

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Furthermore, the areas showing the most progress require “non-routine cognitive tasks such as information ordering, memorization, and perceptual speed.”

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