Calango wins Proof of Privilege and Carcará wins Proof of Immunity in Episode 5 of ‘No Limite’ | On the edge

Calango wins Proof of Privilege and Carcará wins Proof of Immunity in Episode 5 of 'No Limite' |  On the edge

Challenges of the fifth episode of On the edge They confused balance, sensitivity, patience and purpose. tribes lizard e karkara They were tied up at different times in competitions, but the details made the difference between who stays in the competition and who needs to pick a member to say goodbye.

Calango wins Proof of Privilege and Carcará wins Proof of Immunity in No Limite’s fifth episode – Photo: Globo

Carol Bixenio and Jessica step into the Proof of Excellence arena on ‘Unlimited’ Episode 5 – Photo: Globo

Tribe victory lizard On Proof of Excellence He had balance, focus and purpose. In the challenge, teams had to split into pairs, cross a circle carrying a ball balanced on bamboo trunks, and complete six balls in a small trough. Whoever hits the first three balls wins the competition. In addition to supplies, the winning team received a luau with naughty weasleyAnd barbecue and beer.

The Kalango Tribe celebrates victory in Proof of Excellence on No Limite Episode 5 – Photo: Globo

The race was well disputed at several moments. lizard I got a slight advantage at the start of the race. karkara Reshape parts of the cycle by dropping two balls. law Project, by Kalango, took the lead and started shooting. He lost the first three and hit the rest to ensure the team win.

Arcrebiano, Bil shakes up with an invasion that guarantees a full grill – Photo: Globo

“I really wanted to win this race, because I catch the wave a lot with the food here. I breathe and count to ten, I eat my food and look forward to the crowd. And I know I’m not just one of the hungry,” Bell said.

Karkara tribe wins immunity test

a proof of immunity Everyone put on picking coconuts. But before, the competitors still needed to catch the keys and open the baskets and only then put the coconuts in their proper places and win the challenge. The opponent who breaks any key will automatically disqualify the team.

The Kalango and Karkara tribes in front of the Immunity Proof Department in the fifth episode of No Limite – Photo: Globo

The winning team, plus a guarantee of another week on the reality show, wins over a breakfast befitting a hotel. The teams started off well, but karkara, er Pola, quickly opened the baskets and advanced in the challenge, while Caesar I could not find the correct key.

“Although Kai was strong and tough and warrior and focused and all. I knew I could get an advantage because of the sensitivity. Because the lock key, despite its tough appearance, was sensitive,” said Paula.

Caesar finds it difficult to unlock locks in borderless immunity test – Photo: Globo

The Karkara tribe was already at the forefront of the conflict, when the Syrian broke the key in a lock and automatically disqualified the Kalangu team.

The Carcará tribe celebrates victory in proving immunity in the fifth episode of No Limite – Photo: Globo

“I was upset with myself, I needed more sensitivity and patience, which I don’t have much in. I ended up breaking the key,” Kaiser said.

Watch everything that happened in Episode 5 of No Limit:

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