Caixa Tem could launch up to R $ 300 in micro-credit in 2021

Caixa Tem could launch up to R $ 300 in micro-credit in 2021

Can Caixa issue small loans of up to R $ 300 in 2021? The Box Economic Federalism She emphasized that it aims to expand the scope of its application Square In order to release new features in the program. Thus, from the new expansion, the popular app should have options for Little creditAnd the insurance e Cards.

Currently, according to information from the bank, there is only a digital debit card function, which can be used both for purchases on the Internet and in physical institutions. The Caixa President revealed that the entry of microcredit into the Caixa Tem platform is being finalized.

But after all, how will this be done? According to Guimarães, microcredit aims to liberalize Loan in the amount of “R $ 100, R $ 200, R $ 300 Fast, simple and digital “for low-income Brazilians and informal workers receiving emergency aid.”

The app is currently used to make payments for emergency assistance. Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS) And Emergency Work and Income Maintenance (BEM) benefits.

According to information from Caixa, approx 90 million digital social savings The app was opened for free only in 2020. The app was released to citizens registered to receive government social benefits during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

After a pandemic, Caixa should keep these accounts open free of charge, according to the bank’s president, Pedro Guimaraes.

“All products will be preserved. All free products will remain free. We will do more.”

According to the President, “Caixa Tem app is the digital bank of lowest income, which accounts for 80% of Caixa’s customer base.” For this reason, Caixa should continue to offer digital payments for social benefits, including Bolsa Família, which are currently only paid in person.

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Other services released by Caixa Tem

Among the new services offered by Caixa Tem are:

  • Micro credit offer.
  • insurance.
  • Cards.

Details of the insurance offer and cards were not disclosed. Until then, Caixa Tem offers a digital debit card that can be used for both online and face-to-face purchases. During the pandemic, 67.5 million of these virtual debit cards were released by Caixa Tem.

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