Caixa is keeping the investigation into the bank's use of the campaign confidential

Caixa is keeping the investigation into the bank's use of the campaign confidential

Nineteen years later, Caixa continues without commenting on the matter. When contacted by the column, the bank asked for more time to respond to the request, claiming to be identifying the location of the operation.

After the deadline expired, he responded in a memo that he “does not disclose information about complaints and potential corrective actions, given the confidentiality that must protect the personal data of those concerned.” Copete, through consultancy Petrobras, also said he would not talk about it, just as the oil company would not comment on the CEF investigation.

Copete, current Director of Corporate Affairs at Petrobras, has been chosen to replace Jean-Paul Prats, who was fired by President Lula, until Magda Champriard is appointed by the Board of Directors, which should take place tomorrow (24).

The sector is betting that Copete is one of the few managers who should not be replaced. She has been with the Workers' Party since 1982, and is the only executive with President Lula's personal stake in the company. He took office at the invitation of fellow Labor Party member Jean-Paul Prats.

According to the complaint, the money was allegedly collected by “Clarice,” the right-hand man of Jorge Matoso, who was CEF president at the time. The report signed by the Caixa National Security Department recommended an investigation.

“The money transferred monthly to Claris will go to the Labor Party’s campaign fund,” the letter said, as Folha reported in 2005.

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