Caixa is contacted by DPU after accounts are blocked without prior notice; Understands

Caixa is contacted by DPU after accounts are blocked without prior notice;  Understands

The Federal Office of the Public Prosecutor (DPU) has started a legal battle against Caixa Econômica Federal for blocking bank accounts without prior notice. The financial institution's procedures affected citizens, the majority of whom were of limited income, under the pretext of examining suspicious transactions.

Therefore, this practice has caused great inconvenience to those involved, who find themselves unable to access their financial resources. Keep reading for more information!

What prompted the general civil lawsuit against Caixa?

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The lawsuit filed in the Federal Court in Mato Grosso seeks to combat the bans implemented by Caixa without any prior notice to account holders. The DPU says this behavior by the financial institution violates consumer rights. Consequently, they are left without access to their own resources and without clear information on how to overcome the situation.

According to the Data Protection Unit, even with evidence of regularity of transactions by account holders, Caixa requires a court ruling to undo the blocking. Thus, the situation creates an additional layer of unnecessary and harmful bureaucracy for those affected.

What procedures are required by the Public Defender's Office?

After a failed attempt at an amicable resolution, in which the Ombudsman's Office recommended that Kaisha review the procedure in December, the case was brought to justice. In turn, the institution demands the immediate release of the seized amounts. It also calls for adopting a policy that ensures prior notification to account holders in cases of ban due to suspected fraud.

In addition, the general civil lawsuit seeks to ensure that Caixa waives the requirement for a court order to unblock accounts, favoring a simpler and more direct method of resolving such cases.

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Finally, the Defender's Office emphasizes the social importance of the bank and presses for a quick resolution of the impasse. Therefore, this aims to minimize inconvenience and ensure that the rights of vulnerable consumers are protected.

Image: Sergio vs. Rangel /

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