CAIXA CONFIRMED EXPECT A FURTHER AMOUNT OF PIS PASEP 2023 PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR JANUARY? Find out if you are receiving primary PIS in 2021; How to withdraw PIS. Consult the PIS and see the PIS TABLE

CAIXA CONFIRMED EXPECT A FURTHER AMOUNT OF PIS PASEP 2023 PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR JANUARY?  Find out if you are receiving primary PIS in 2021;  How to withdraw PIS.  Consult the PIS and see the PIS TABLE

To the delight of millions of workers and civil servants across Brazil, the new value from PIS PASEP 2023 You will pay this year.

Among the collaborators, there is hope for this batch stay tuned to Januarywhich was not confirmed by the Lula government or before Federal Savings Bank.

Look latest news from PIS/PASEP 2023 And:

  • PIS PASEP 2023 Calendar;
  • PIS PASEP 2023
  • PIS table
  • base year PIS 2021;
  • PIS 2023 calendar;
  • PIS 2023

The difference between PIS PASEP

PIS And pasib:

the Social Inclusion Program (PIS) dedicated to workers private sector and he deposited across the Caixa Economica Federal.

Indeed Civilian Personnel Assets Formation Program (PASEP) Includes public servants and receive their salaries from Bank of Brazil.

Who worked in 2021 receives PISEP 2023?

the PIS 2023 will indicate Base year PIS/PASEP 2021. That is, it will benefit workers who worked in 2021 – not those who worked in 2022.

Who is entitled to PIS/PASEP 2023?

the PIS Allowance for employees:

  • they were receiving what amounted to a minimum wage;
  • Carry out some paid activity at least 30 days a year;
  • you have updated data in the history;
  • They have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

Indeed PASEP Meditate:

  • for federal public servants,
  • condition
  • Municipal
  • and public servants.

Watch the new PIS 2023 calendar here and if you get your PIS early in January

VALUE PIS PASEP 2023; PIS VALUE 2023; PIS PISP minimum wage

As is known, the the value from PIS/PASEP Exactly like less pay current year.

the PIS/PASEP 2023 It will have the same value as less pay From 2023.

Therefore, the PIS PASEP value it will be from 1320 Brazilian realsif it was Lula’s government Keep the campaign promise.

Look PIS/PASEP 2023 Schedule:

  • 1 month work – R$ 110.00;
  • 2 months of work – R$ 220.00;
  • 3 months of work – R$330.00;
  • 4 months of work – R$440.00;
  • 5 months of work – R$550.00;
  • 6 months of work – R$660.00;
  • 7 working months – R$770;
  • 8 months work – R$880.00;
  • 9 months of work – R$990.00;
  • 10 working months – R$1,100.00;
  • Worked for 11 months – R$ 1,210.00;
  • Worked for 12 months – R$1,320.00.

PIS 2023 calendar; PIS 2023 schedule

Birth month pick it up from receive even
January February 15th December 28th
February February 15th December 28th
March March 15th December 28th
April March 15th December 28th
may be April 17th December 28th
June April 17th December 28th
July May 15th December 28th
August May 15th December 28th
September June 15th December 28th
October June 15th December 28th
November July 17th December 28th
Dec July 17th December 28th

PASEP Calendar 2023; Transit schedule 2023

end of recording pick it up from receive even
0 February 15th December 28th
1 March 15th December 28th
two April 17th December 28th
3 April 17th December 28th
4 May 15th December 28th
5 May 15th December 28th
6 June 15th December 28th
7 June 15th December 28th
8 July 17th December 28th
9 July 17th December 28th

PIS 2023; PIS PASEP 2023; PIS 2023 Calendar – Jornal do Comercio / Maria Motta – JC Online


Look PIS:

  • The CAIXA app.
  • CAIXA application agent.
  • CAIXA Citizen Service 0800 726 0207.

scan the pasib:

  • By Hello Worker: phone number 158.
  • APP digital workbook.

Brazil Agency |  Editing: Fernanda Cisneros/TV Journal

Brazil Aid 2023 – Photo: Agência Brasil | Editing: Fernanda Cisneros/TV Journal

Check information about PIS 2021; 2022 and 2023 – Image: Reproduction

The Thirteenth of Auxílio Brasil is a project targeting beneficiary families of Auxílio Brasil and BPC – Image: Reproduction.

PIS/Pasep payments will have a new value, with the signing of the temporary measure setting out the increase in the minimum wage – Photo: Freepik
Reproduction / Social Security

See the latest news on PIS 2022 payments; 2023 and 2021 – Photo: Reproduction/Social Security

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