Caio analyzes the game and tells Jill that there is no point in making an offer anymore

Caio analyzes the game and tells Jill that there is no point in making an offer anymore

In the fourth series of “BBB 21” (TV Globo), Caio, Gilberto, Juliet and Joao Luiz talk about the game. The farmer analyzes the last part of reality And alert:

“Now, old man, there is no point in finding it worse. There is no point in making a presentation, no point in giving a face because it is now the survival instinct, 16 days left. With the next elimination, it’s 14 days, it’s two weeks, it’s over.”

“Either you win or you leave. You have nothing else to do. There will be a Tuesday. I think so, because of the number of people who still have … elimination, tasting, wall, Thursday, goodbye. Again. Sunday, bye, again. Tuesday, bye, Thursday, bye, Sunday, bye … Tuesday the program is over. There is nothing else to do. Now he is trying to defend yourself, unfortunately. He is trying to save yourself, “Goiano continued.

“That’s right,” said Juliet. “I said that to Buka yesterday. They dumped the buoy and now we’re pulling …”

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Who should the Viih Tube Leader refer to for the Sea Wall?


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BBB: Police Cases

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