Cade agrees to buy Playcenter by Cacau Show – Jovem Pan

Cade agrees to buy Playcenter by Cacau Show – Jovem Pan

Cacau Show announces the acquisition of Playcenter Group

a General supervision of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense Kidd agreed to acquire control Play center By The Chocolate Shop, Cocoa Offer. If no consultant or interested third party questions the approval within the next 15 days, the approval will become final and all assets of the Playcenter Group will be owned by Cocoa display. As justification for carrying out this operation, the Kidd companies claimed that it was part of a strategy to expand the activities of the Cocoa Display Group to other countries. Markets Related areas in which you are not yet active. Cacau Show has acquired 100% of the shares of Alvorada, which owns 95% of the shares of Play One, which is part of the Playcenter Group.


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The Cocoa Expo focused on customer experience client, with increasingly larger and interactive stores opening. The founder, Alexandre Tadeo da Costa, defines himself as a “chocolatier” and says he is looking forward to building an amazing chocolate factory. It is expected that in 2024, the Cacau Show will earn R$7 billion, and Playcenter will earn R$120 million. Last year, revenues amounted to R$5.5 billion and R$100 million, respectively.

*With information from trade commentator Bruno Mayer

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