C6 Bank issues a statement with better news and terrifies Nobank

C6 Bank issues a statement with better news and terrifies Nobank

C6 Bank issues a statement regarding increasing the card limit

If you are a credit card user, you must have wondered how to increase your limit, right? In this case, if you are from C6 Bank, you can now celebrate, after all, the bank issued a statement about the best and easiest way to get this increase in the card limit, which left Nubank horrified, after all, the bank is known to offer many benefits customers, but they still do not have these facilities to increase the card limit.

According to the information on the bank’s website, the answer to the question: “How do I increase my limit?”, is very simple, just by investing. In this case, you need to invest an amount starting from R$ 100 in an African Development Bank credit card and the limit will increase by the same amount.

C6 Bank Application (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

More about the topic

In fact, the big news, which has left many C6 Bank users happy and terrified Nubank, is that in this case, the limit can reach R$ 50,000. Moreover, according to the information on the bank’s website, the user’s investment pays off every day, higher than savings and with the same protection, that is, the money will never remain idle.

It doesn’t stop there, in addition to the card’s benefits, you can also:

  • Earn more atom points
  • Facilitating payment in installments
  • It is also easier to use for any online purchase

It is worth noting that if you need this money in your account, the amount will decrease in just two business days. Simply go to “Redeem your investment” whenever you want. The only detail is that you cannot exceed the maximum currently used on your credit card.

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Person paying with a C6 bank card (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
Person paying with a C6 bank card (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

How to invest in C6 Bank without leaving home?

In this case, just follow these simple steps:

  • You need to access the C6 Bank app
  • Click on the C6 investment icon
  • Next, just click on Fixed Income
  • Then, select a CDB credit card and that’s it, just invest.
C6 Bank Application (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
C6 Bank Application (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

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