Bystanders despair over audio leakage from production · TV News

Bystanders despair over audio leakage from production · TV News

A Fazenda 15 participants heard supposed audio leaks from the production of the reality show. Passers-by were afraid that the season might stop and that fights and discussions would not take place. According to Darlan Cunha, the detained persons left for the hut shortly after they obtained possible outside information. Required by the newsHe recorded contradictions in the statements of the participants and denied leaking any information.

Laranjinha’s translator described in Cidade dos Homens (2002) that the production commented that the dynamics of the dispute on Sunday (the first) should be good enough to keep the audience in A Fazenda on Monday (the second). Pedestrians interpreted the leak as a warning.

“People were talking about this yesterday. You heard the leaked audio, right?” the actor asked during the early hours of the morning. Alicia X agreed to listen to the Record employees’ conversation. “I heard it when I was in the room,” she asked. “What exactly did you hear?”

“He said there has to be this dynamic today to give the audience Monday. People who like the hut have already said ‘things are weak, the program is weak, there has to be a fight,'” Laranginha said.

“People here started talking about it. Only yesterday, when it was quiet, there were no fights, no sanctions, no fighting, and they were already saying: ‘Whoever watches it wants to fight every day, it wants to be controversial.'” he added. The actor had a microphone malfunction and received a call from production to adjust the accessory, but was not warned to comment on the leak.

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The sound could have caused a wave of battles during the early hours of the morning. Jacqueline Grohalski caused a penalty to intentionally “move the game forward”: the person removed the microphone and continued speaking for some time until receiving the warning. Everyone at the headquarters was without water for 24 hours. Jenny Miranda got angry with Jacqueline and started fighting on Monday (2) afternoon. They pointed fingers at each other and exchanged insults.

Required by the newsThe record stated that there was no type of leak of information or outside comments. “There was no audio leak,” he said in a statement. “We do not comment on the strategies used by reality show participants.”

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