Bungie developers will be ‘destroyed’ after layoffs and delays

Bungie developers will be ‘destroyed’ after layoffs and delays

Bungie will face serious problems in recent days. With morale shaken by layoffs and project delays, developers at Destiny 2 Studio anticipate the possibility of a “full takeover of Sony”, if the company is unable to achieve the expected results.

Report from IGN It brought alarming updates about the current atmosphere in the studio. According to sources, employees in leadership positions believe that the company’s independence could be lost – something that would greatly affect members’ behavior.

There are no details about the goals or terms of the agreement set by Sony in 2022, but it seems that the goals will be in the range of “a very large amount.” If compliance is not met, the manufacturer will have the right to dissolve the current structure and assume full control of Bungie.

“We know we need the final model to perform well,” one source said, referring to the recently delayed Destiny 2 expansion. “And the feeling at the studio is that if that doesn’t happen, we’re definitely going to see more layoffs.”

Source: Bungie

Discounts on benefits within Bungie

The dismissals that took place in recent weeks were also linked to the alleged threatening atmosphere. Essentially, the cuts were an effective way to eliminate costs and secure negotiating terms numbers, but conversations within the company indicate that more could be coming soon.

Many employees confirmed hiring freezes, reductions in travel budgets, the end of vacation benefits, and the suspension or termination of annual benefits and work activities. As a result, morale within the team was shaken, and I felt frustrated and sad.

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“I’m angry. I’m upset. This is not what I came here to do,” one source said. “A lot of the higher-ups don’t seem to be listening and are saying: ‘We just need to get our fans back, they still love us.’” . No, they don’t… We’ve gotten rid of some of our more experienced loved ones who have been here for over 20 years. Every day I walk away afraid it will be me or my friends next. “No one is safe.”

At this time, there will be no guarantee of recovery within Bungie. Employee comments will be met with hostility, especially if they involve getting fired or working around sensitive situations.

The studio is working on Destiny 2’s next DLC, The Final Form, and Marathon.

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