Bruna Griphao defies production, speaks poorly of reality and receives live criticism

Bruna Griphao defies production, speaks poorly of reality and receives live criticism

Bruna Griphao decided to be honest about how she thought about producing BBB23 He acts up and ends up “silencing” him, after receiving a heads-up. In short, this all happened after “Game of Discord,” a dynamic that happens every Monday on Glono’s reality show. Unhappy with the way the match was played out, Bruna waited for it all to end and went to talk to Paula.

“The next dynamic is going to be worse. And it will be like this: ‘You guys, talk bad about each other’ (…) They’ll try everything, we’re literally fighting their system. The game is predictable, they want to move, you know?”, she stated The actress saying what she really thought.


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After that, Bruna continued to think about how they wanted the game to play out. “It was a dynamic that they suggested themselves from the start (in a non-individual game). We were fortunate to be able to put together a strong group (Desert Room)…”. However, the blonde could not continue to speak her mind.

This is because Bruna Griphao was rebukedly “silenced” from the production, which drew attention. Once the Camarote group member noticed the alert, she decided it was time to shut up, before she broke any of the program’s rules. “Look over there, pay attention. I stopped,” he said.

It is worth remembering how the sedition game took place last Monday (30). Those trapped must be divided into three groups and each participant needs to indicate a target and an untrustworthy person. To make everything better, the dynamism had the right to “pie in the face”. However, pies were applied by the Dummies, avoiding a new situation like that of Maria at BBB22, who ended up throwing a bucket hard at Natalia’s head and got knocked out.

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