Bruna Gonçalves tells about the beginning with Ludmila: “I played green and picked the ripe fruits” | At present

Bruna Gonçalves tells about the beginning with Ludmila: “I played green and picked the ripe fruits” |  At present

The dancer reported that she joined the singer’s ballet troupe in 2015, but the initial contact was only with the boss and employee. Brunna Gonçalves says she left the band for a while, is breathing new air and when she returns to Brazil she will be working with the artist, and that’s when it all starts to happen.

“A year or so passed and I was taken out of ballet [dela]. I went to dance with other people, came back to the circus, then came back to Brazil and came back with an invitation to dance and work with her again. This is where it all began,” he says.

“So, I’ve never felt attracted to being with a woman. I’ve never dated anyone. My relationships didn’t last more than a month and it never occurred to me to be with a woman,” he highlights.

Brunna Gonçalves continues to talk about the beginning of her relationship with Ludmilla

Brunna Gonçalves reports that Ludmilla requested her first kiss on a show and decided to jump first into her relationship with the singer.

“I was at a concert and she was: ‘When are you going to kiss me?'” I had never been with a woman before and she asked where I would kiss her. To be with a woman. But I quickly changed my mind because I had changed my mind. No woman was with me directly. I began to see her with different eyes and we stayed. She wanted to be with me from the start. She knows the clothes I was wearing at first rehearsal. She’s always wanted to, but when it came to women’s issues, I said, ‘I’ve never thought of a woman.’ Years later, I played that green and harvested ripe and we were in hiding. for two years,” he explains.

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Bronna Gonçalves tells how she got started with Ludmila: ‘I played this green and his cat is mature’ – Photo: Globo

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