British woman with ‘allergy to cold’ faints in more severe reactions

British woman with ‘allergy to cold’ faints in more severe reactions

caregiver who has it “allergic to cold” She revealed in a report by ‘Daily Mail’ that she was once told she looked like “monster” Because Many red spots on your skin Especially on low temperature days.

Tammy Rose Pringlow, 34, said many people have ridiculed her condition throughout her life, saying it must be. “Lying” or “Flirting”.

Tammy’s case known as cold urticaria;, affecting her almost daily, because “anything colder than her body temperature” results in an allergic reaction of varying intensity and duration. On a few occasions, Tammy has said that Until he fainted due to an even more severe reaction.

The resident in Birmingham (England) would like to raise awareness of the condition so that it is taken more seriously and is more widely recognized.

“Raising awareness is something that needs to happen because no one knows about it. People take the blame and get bullied and I really disagree because I was going through it and it can affect your mental health.”she declared.

Tammy said her mother and brother had the same condition, but it wasn’t until she was 20 that she was officially diagnosed.

Tammy Rose Pringlow: Red spots due to ‘cold allergy’ Photo: Reproduction

Wearing layered clothing to keep warm is always a precaution, namely Takes “the strongest antihistamine that can be prescribed”But she said her reactions are hard to predict and manage, especially during the winter months.

Tammy Rose Pringlow
Tammy Rose Pringlow Photo: Playback

“It took a long time to come up with a name for it. My mom would just call it our allergy, our cold allergy, or say ‘You’re having an allergy attack.'” “That was the term I always used. The terminology I always wore, and people would look at me, and think, ‘What the hell are you talking about?'”reported the British.

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