British PM considers furlough if England wins European Cup – 07/10/2021

WHO highlights fall of infection in Japan, but keeps watch for games - 06/21/2021
London, July 9 (EFE). British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering granting a holiday in August, after easing restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic, if England win the European Cup, according to reports this Friday, “The Sun” newspaper.

The British government plans to offer a day of celebration to the fans if the Three Lions, as the England team is called, manage to defeat Italy, in a match that was scheduled to take place on Sunday, at Wembley Stadium, in London, by fixing the continental championship.

The holiday will take place from July 19, when restrictive measures aimed at containing the Covid-19 pandemic are due to be eased in England, according to the publication.

In addition, a final presentation of the team’s players, in the event of a title, will be postponed beyond the deadline for the relaxation of the rules, which the local press called “Freedom Day”.

The newspaper published the information the next day, and a petition was delivered that included 300,000 Englishmen joining, with a request to the government for a holiday on Monday, in the event that the title of selection was led by Gareth Southgate in the eurozone. Cup.

It is estimated that up to 8 million people will not work on Monday in England, after they requested leave to recover from celebrating a potential national team title.

Royal Awards.

And the newspaper “The Times”, in turn, revealed that Southgate could adorn the Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II as a knight (sir), and the same could happen with the captain of the team, striker Harry Kane.

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The European Cup final will be the first title won by an English team in a major competition, since the 1966 World Cup, when the trophy was lifted after a controversial victory over England, also at Wembley Stadium.

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