British man beats Bolt’s 100m mark in jet suit

British man beats Bolt's 100m mark in jet suit

Briton surpassed the world record of Usain Bolt in the 100 meters at the IAAF World Cup in Berlin in 2009. However, the new British goal has an important development: he was wearing a jet suit. Of course, the brand has no official status in athletics, despite its registration in the Guinness Book, the record.

Richard Browning, in fact, not only did he hit Bolt’s mark when he hit the 100 meters in 7:69, but he also invented the jet-set that was used in the race, held on a track in the UK. Bolt’s time is 9s58.

In addition to the 100m, Browning surpassed “records” – always using the flying gadget – also to jump with the crossbar and 400 meters in 42 seconds 06 (the previous was 46 seconds 87).

Although not defeating the Jamaican in an official way, the record holder is the fastest man to win the aforementioned tests using a jet suit. The competition was organized by the Guinness Book of Records (world book of records) in the three Olympic categories.

To perform the bungee jumping jump, use a high cross bar in a wetsuit with a body-controlled jet engine. The rules required the trip to mimic the human pole vaulting path.

“A few years ago, we set the speed record with this equipment, and in fact, that was a record that we had with the Guinness Book of Records a few years ago. Speed ​​is a key component of what we do here, and the record holder said,” It’s a pleasure. To attend and set more records. “

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