British Home Secretary resigns due to veiled criticism of the Prime Minister

British Home Secretary resigns due to veiled criticism of the Prime Minister

Home Secretary Soella Braverman resigned Wednesday, in a veiled criticism of British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who is struggling to reassert her authority over her Conservative Party MPs who have vocally called for her resignation.

Braverman’s departure due to a “technical” breach of government rules meant Truss lost two of her senior ministers in less than a week, replacing both of them with politicians who did not support her in the leadership race.

Grant Shapps, who said on Oct. 4 that Truss has only 10 days to save his premiership, will replace Braverman as the prime minister’s bid to court critics to try to quell the rebellion growing within her party.

Truss, who has been in power for just over six weeks, has been fighting for his political survival ever since he launched his “mini budget,” an economic program of massive tax cuts that has rocked financial markets.

Hours after she told lawmakers she regretted the mistakes she had made but would not resign, reports surfaced that her interior minister had left the government.

Confirming his departure, Braverman said he had broken the rules by sending an official document from his personal email to another parliamentary colleague. But she added that she worried about the government and that simply waiting for the problems to go away was not a viable approach.

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