Brega Millionaire tells the secret of winning the lottery twice

Brega Millionaire tells the secret of winning the lottery twice

The musician from Maranhão Edésio Nascimento, known as “Milionário do Brega” after He won the lottery twice in less than three months-Reveal the secret of getting the winning numbers right multiple times.

In an interview with “Domingo Espetacular” on Record TV, the sparkling icon said the secret is the “lucky shirt”. According to the artist, all you have to do is put on the piece of clothing and go to the lottery and play to get the right numbers. He declared that “going to the lottery with her is guaranteed.”

On the program, Edésio Nascimento said that with the money he was already able to fulfill two of his dreams: to buy a water bike and a car. However, since he is still without a driver’s license, he is unable to drive the car that is in the garage of his home in Maranhão.

The artist also took advantage of the Millionaire Award to invest in his career and established a kind of Brega cooperative for himself and other singers of this genre. He also confirmed that he intends to release a new musical style: “breganejo”, a mixture of his favorite styles, brega and country side.

People shake hands with me for luck, says the millionaire de Brega

After being famous for winning the lottery three times, Edisio Nascimento People say they want to shake hands with you to be lucky.

“I feel so happy, people arrive to take pictures. If I get to the supermarket, people ask to take pictures with me. People say, ‘I’ll shake Edésio’s hand to see if he passed his luck on me,'” he revealed.

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in September , The singer showed the details of his new palace He indicated career plans after winning the second prize. Accumulating nearly R$2 million, the man from Maranhão bought a luxury home in Pinheiro, in the interior of Maranhão.

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