BREAKING: Vulcabrás is preparing a stock offering of up to R$500 million

BREAKING: Vulcabrás is preparing a stock offering of up to R$500 million

Vulcabrás is preparing an initial offer of up to R$500 million to recapitalize the company and at the same time increase its capital. Free buoyancy And the liquidity of the stock.

The initial offer, of R$250 million, will be backed by the Grendene Bartelle family, which controls the company, and three directors, including Absolute. The family, which owns 70% of the capital, has committed to investing up to R$175 million.

If there is a lot of demand, the company intends to sell the so-called hot issue, placing an additional R$250 million in new shares.

Owner of the Olympikus brand, and license of the Mizuno and Under Armor brands in Brazil, Vulcabras Announced this week Extraordinary profits.

A source involved in the deal said that some managers had provoked the company in recent months to make a deal that would allow them to build a position in the company.

The numbers will be presented in the third quarter and Pricing It should happen until the start of the carnival.

Participating banks are BTG Pactual, Itaú BBA, XP and Santander.

Vulcabras is one of the companies with the best operating results in the sector and, at the same time, the lowest multiple: about 9 times the estimated profit for the year. The thesis is that additional liquidity can contribute to widening multiples.

The company, which is expected to generate R$700 million in EBITDA this year, is valued at R$5.25 billion on the stock exchange.

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