Brazil’s relations with the United Kingdom in applied doses

Brazil's relations with the United Kingdom in applied doses

“Brazil is losing, the Brazilian people lose, the Congress is losing.”

Representative Chris Tonietto, the rapporteur of the project, is rejected in the chamber that houses the ministers of the Supreme Court

Brazil’s relations with the United Kingdom in applied doses

Brazil has surpassed 50.4 million vaccines against Covid since the campaign began on January 17, and reached the United Kingdom, the first country in the West to start immunization against Covid. Figures are taken from the independent platform The big difference is that the British reached 50.3 million on Monday (3), 147 days after applying the first dose, on December 8th, while Brazil only needed 108 days to do the same.

First there and here

In just over three months, Brazil has canceled the 40-day period between vaccination by Margaret Kennan and nurse Mônica Calazans.


On average, the United Kingdom applied 342.1 thousand doses per day, while in Brazil it was as if 467 thousand doses per day were applied: a 36.4% higher rate.

Brazil not G-4

Brazil will overtake the British in total doses applied before the weekend, becoming the fourth largest vaccinated country in the world.

On the same scale

Germany, France, and Italy together accounted for that of Brazil and it took 109 days of campaigning to beat 50 million doses.

The government discovers misleading propaganda about the fifth generation

The Department of Consumer Protection and Defense (DPDC), under the Department of Justice, has confirmed that it will open preliminary investigations against operators Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi to “investigate alleged abusive practices in early provision of 5G technology”. The technology does not yet exist in Brazil, but these companies, like Claro, claim in advertisements that they already have “the first 5G in Brazil”. In the event of a conviction, the companies may be forced to pay fines of up to R $ 11.5 million.

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Discover Laurota

DPDC confirms: Operators offer speeds barely half of those observed in 5G: “much less than the official speed,” he says.

I can’t cheat

Conar, who is regulating the advertisement, had previously considered 5G advertisements to be misleading and inform operators.

It is not real

Operators will have to provide “concrete evidence,” says DPDC, that the advertised product offers the same level “as true 5G”.


New Zealand spokesperson Luciano Hack cited an example of vaccination. Pretending to not know Brazil has actually applied doses ten times higher than New Zealand’s 4.9 million people.

The printed vote comes from the paper

Despite what TSE ministers say, and even because of it, the committee has already set itself in the room to discuss printing ballot papers in voting, election tally, referendums and referendums.

Toucan nervous

Consumer price indexes to investigate corruption in the governments of São Paulo Tokanada have left the brink of a nervous breakdown. The Alesp chief’s advice now deals with almost anyone seeking news on the topic.

Spanish visit

On Friday (7), President Jair Bolsonaro will receive the visit of Spain’s Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laia. She will also meet with Counselor Carlos Fransa to sign documents.

Owl pollen

On Wednesday (5th), Ministers Marcelo Quiroga (Health) and Braga Neto (Ministry of Defense) visited the first night vaccination center in Brasilia. It is a highway that operates in front of the Army headquarters from 6 pm until 11 pm.

Terror has two festoon

The improvement in the numbers of vaccinations is leading to a decrease in the average number of cases and deaths with the Covid virus in Brazil. Cases rose from 77,129 cases to 58,053 cases, a decrease of 24.8%. Among the deaths, the most important, was the 26.6% decline, which decreased from 3,123 to 2,293 in less than a month.

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Separate sport

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) maintained a ban on protests and political messages, after a poll of 3,500 athletes revealed that the majority supported the ban. Slogans such as “black lives matter” is prohibited. The IOC approved the garments with words like “respect” etc.

Billing pandemic

Pfizer Lab (USA) announced that in 2021 the Covid vaccine revenue estimate has increased by 73% to 73%. It jumped from $ 15 billion to $ 26 billion, the equivalent of 141 billion Brazilian reals.

Think well …

… the one who suffers does not need a scientific proof, but a practical one

Power without the need

to interview


Ceará Press didn’t talk about anything else. In the 1980s, with three months remaining until the end of Manuel de Castro’s government, he had already signed over 15,000 nominations. Reporter Nelson Fahina was directed by TV Verdes Mares to reflect the scandal. “Governor, is it true that you hired 15,000 people?” Castro replied, “It’s a lie. I have called thirty thousand. They are humble people, and like them, I will mention a lot more than that. Don’t ask me anymore. I don’t allow anyone to poke me with a short stick.” And left.


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