Brazil’s GDP will be the third smallest expansion in the world in 2022, warns the United Nations

The Brazilian rate is a far cry from the average growth of the global economy, which is estimated to reach 4% in 2022

247 – The year has just begun and Brazil is already the third worst performer of GDP. According to the United Nations (UN), Brazil’s GDP will have one of the weakest performers in the world in 2022, with the lowest real growth rate among all the major economies on the planet, column Written by journalist Jamil Shad of Awal University.

According to the United Nations, while the global economy will be on the mend in 2022, the Brazilian economy should remain in recession. It is estimated that the GDP expansion will be 0.5% in 2022, compared to 2021, which is 1.7% less than what the United Nations forecast for Brazil, in its last report, in 2021.

While the United Nations lowered its forecast for Brazil, the agency raised its estimate for the rest of the world. According to the entity, the national economy will not even be able to keep pace with the expansion of the global economy in 2023.

Out of more than 170 countries, Myanmar and Equatorial Guinea will perform worse than Brazil.

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