Brazilian Masterchef contestant gets medical help after soup ‘explodes’ in UK – Zoira

Brazilian Masterchef contestant gets medical help after soup ‘explodes’ in UK – Zoira

While preparing a Soup in a blenderBrazilian chef Cristina Maia, 51, participant “MasterChef: Professionals“From the United Kingdom, who was scared and injured when hot food “exploded.” She Hit him in the face and require medical attention.

In last Tuesday’s episode (24), the chef’s cheek was burned and he was removed from the production. While reporting what happened, the English newspaper the sun He said that it is not yet known if Christina’s departure is temporary or if she is out of the competition.

During the show, the chef tried to open the blender lid, which apparently got stuck, and when she managed to do so, food splattered on her face. Christina apologized several times. The jurors came to her and explained that she needed to leave to get medical help in the emergency room. Chef Monica Galetti, one of the judges of the reality show, expressed regret over what happened. “I was really looking forward to trying her food,” she said.

On social network X (formerly Twitter), viewers of the show expressed their solidarity with the chef. “Poor Christina. It was very painful. I also burned myself like this once and it was very unpleasant. I hope she is fine. She was terrified. I felt for her,” said one. “In light of yesterday’s incident involving Christina, @MasterChefUK. User instructions on hot liquids are clear. Perhaps due to time pressure, this was forgotten and caused her to burn out”, commented another profile.

Cristina Maia is Brazilian, originally from Recife, but has lived in the UK for around 20 years. On his official website, he says he works at the London Spook restaurant. He has cooked at events such as Princess Beatrice’s wedding and the official BAFTA and Olivier Awards post-ceremony parties.

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