Brazilian gets the same title as Einstein, Mandela and Darwin | Behavior

Brazilian gets the same title as Einstein, Mandela and Darwin |  Behavior
University of Chicago / clone

Angela Filila Olento teaching at the University of Chicago

Astronomical particle physics currently studying at the University of Chicago, USA, Angela Filila Ollento, became a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a title already awarded to Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Charles Darwin and many others.

Angela holds a degree in Physics from PUC-RJ and a PhD in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “In college, I became interested in particle physics, and at my Ph.D., in astrophysics. From my postdoctoral stage onwards, I dedicated myself to building this new field that combines two areas of my previous interests,” the specialist told EXAME. magazine.

The PhD is considered a pioneer in the new field of “astrophysics”, which are particles that form or interact with matter, such as atomic nuclei and neutrinos, that come from astrophysical sources far from the solar system.

Throughout her career, Angela has made theoretical and experimental contributions to astronomical particles, including research into the study of neutron star structure, inflationary theory, the origin and evolution of cosmic magnetic fields, the nature of dark matter and the origin of the higher cosmic energy. Particles, such as cosmic rays, gamma rays, and neutrinos.

In cooperation with NASA, Olinto is responsible for researching the EUSO-SPB (“Space Observatory of the Universe in a Super-Pressure Balloon”, in Portuguese), a high-pressure balloon traveling at an altitude of 33 kilometers. With its 2023 flight forecast, its goal is to detect high-energy cosmic rays.

Angela is also working on the POEMMA mission (“Extreme Astrophysical Multi-Messenger Probe”, in Portuguese). “My international team of 80 researchers designed the project for a mission dedicated to studying the most energetic astronomical particles, cosmic rays and super-energy neutrinos, and to discover their sources and their interactions,” he said. If construction and flight are approved, the space mission will take place at the end of this decade.

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