Brazil will be next, Bolsonaro says of right-wing advances in Europe

Brazil will be next, Bolsonaro says of right-wing advances in Europe

The former president claims that the country will join the “current of goodness” in 2026; Right-wing and center-right representatives will constitute 54.9% of the members of the European Parliament

previous president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said on Monday (June 10, 2024) that the United States and Brazil will be the next to join the European Union. “Goodness Series” From the right. The speech comes after the results of the European Parliament elections that ended on Sunday (June 9).

With the new composition, the number of right-wing and center-right representatives will be 395 out of a total of 720, or 54.9%. This is one of the most important results the group has achieved since the founding of the European Union.

“Europe is tired of the left, of countries without borders, of Agenda 2030, ESG, decarbonisation, gender ideology and immorality.”, He said Bolsonaro on his profile on X (formerly Twitter). According to him, “Family values”Respect for private property, the legitimate right to defense and freedom of expression “They spoke louder at the right time.”

Bolsonaro is out of the 2024, 2026 and 2028 competitions and was previously declared ineligible. Tokyo Stock Exchange (Supreme Electoral Court) on 30 June 2023, just over 6 months after leaving office, on charges of abuse of political power and misuse of the media.

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