Brazil is the seventh country with the largest number of billionaires. Check out more curious numbers

Brazil is the seventh country with the largest number of billionaires.  Check out more curious numbers

2,781 billionaires, a new record on Forbes list. The number of billionaires cited by the magazine this year is 141 more than last year and 26 more than the last record set in 2021.

There are only 14 names on the list that each hold more than $100 billion USD. According to Forbes, this means that only 0.5% of the 2,781 billionaires in the world own 14% of the total wealth of billionaires.

265 new billionaires joined the list. Among the newcomers is singer Taylor Swift. Legend and businessman NBA Earvin “Magic” Johnson; French designer Christian Louboutin; Todd Graves, founder of fast food chain Raising Cane's; Maggie Guo, Moli Miao, and Ren Xiaoqing, the three founders of Shen; Antonio Gracias, a friend of Elon Musk and an investor in Tesla and SpaceX; Among other names.

The technology sector alone is responsible for 38 newcomers. The growing interest in artificial intelligence, coupled with the growing demand for computer chips, has helped bring more names in this sector to the list.

Even with all the records and new names, the richest man in the world is still the Frenchman Bernard Arnault. Owner of luxury goods giant LVMH – an empire that owns brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Givenchy. According to the magazine, the value of his assets is estimated at 233 billion US dollars. He is followed by Elon Musk ($195 billion), Jeff Bezos ($194 billion), Mark Zuckerberg ($177 billion), and Larry Ellison ($141 billion).

Lack of representation of women. This year, only 369 of the world's 2,781 billionaires are women, or about 13%, the same number as last year.

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