Brazil is Crunchyroll’s priority

Brazil is Crunchyroll’s priority

We have plans for dubbing [para o português] The old as well as new catalog is something we are working on with our teams. We’ll have 40 or 50 dubbed titles coming. Obviously it’s a lot of work, and there’s a lot of episodes, but we always do it by listening to what the fans want. Raul Gonzalez

The most viewed in Brazil is “Satan the killer. He also has’Jujutsu Kaisen and spy s family’ We also have an amazing conclusion now with this second season, and we just announced that the movie “spy s family’ It will be released in theaters. ‘One piece’ “It is also a classic film that always comes out as the most watched,” the director said.

Gonzalez, who is Mexican, pointed out the differences between audiences in his homeland and Brazil. “Usually both like season titles, but the demand for content in Portuguese is very high. Higher than in Mexico. The dubbing is doing well in Latin America, but the dubbing here in Brazil stands out a lot.”

Raul Gonzalez, Marketing Director at Crunchyroll in Latin America Image: Disclosure

The future of Crunchyroll. “We have very ambitious plans to make Crunchyroll a reference content platform for anime fans. There has been a growth in interest in anime in the past three years, and during the pandemic many have sought out this type of entertainment.”

“Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood” coming? “I can’t say anything because I don’t have the information [risos]. “The idea is to integrate existing content on Funimation immediately.”

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