Brazil is 68th in the world ranking and fourth in total doses

Dose de vacina da Janssen e seringa
Janssen vaccine
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Brazil is still ranked 68th in the global ranking for the application of vaccine doses against Covid-19 this Thursday (24), compared to every 100 inhabitants. The country, which began vaccination more than five months ago, ranks 56th in that ranking.

Among the countries that make up the G20, a grouping of the world’s 20 largest economies, the country remains in tenth place. According to the data updated by the agency CNN, Brazil is shown with 43.49 doses applied per 100 population.

Followed by the United Kingdom at the top of the list, with a rate of 110.76 for every 100 people. The United States is in second place with 95.64. Canada ranked third (88.99), followed by Germany (82.97), Italy (78.93) and China (76.14), which climbed one place and applied its billionth dose of the vaccine this weekend. France (72.51) came in seventh, followed by Turkey (53.30). Saudi Arabia appears next, with 48.64 doses applied to every 100 population.

Vaccine Panel - June 24
The Vaccines panel shows Brazil’s position in the world rankings
Photo: CNN Brazil

Looking at the absolute numbers of vaccination, China continues to lead the ranking, with 1095902 billion doses already applied.

The United States is in second place, with 319.8 million doses applied. Then comes India with the application of 293.3 million doses. Brazil is still in fourth place, with 92.1 million doses applied – the same situation if we consider the G-20 countries.

The UK ranks fifth, with 75.1 million doses applied in absolute numbers. The data was collected by the agency CNN With information from state health departments and the website Our world in dataAssociated with Oxford University, UK.

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