Brazil increases its military action on the borders with Venezuela and Guyana

Brazil increases its military action on the borders with Venezuela and Guyana

The decision comes after the state led by Nicolas Maduro announced that it intends to seize 74% of Guyana’s territory

The Brazilian Ministry of Defense reported, Thursday (November 30, 2023), that it has strengthened its military presence in the border region in the north of the country, near Venezuela and Guyana. The reinforcement responds to a request from the Senator Hiran Gonsalves (PP-RR), which requested the reinforcement of troops in Pacaraima (RR), a city on the border with Essequibo, the scene of the conflict between the two South American neighbors.

The state led by Nicolas Maduro intends to seize 74% of Guyana’s territory. Guyana, which is located in the far north of South America, said that this announcement is provocative and that any decision will not have any international legal effect.

He added: “The Ministry of Defense is monitoring the situation.” Defensive measures have been intensified in the country’s northern border region, enhancing a greater military presence.The memo issued by the ministry led by José Mosío says.

The Essequibo or Guyana-Essequiba region has been disputed between the two countries for more than a century. On December 3, Maduro announced that he would hold a referendum to annex the territory to the country.

Guyana’s wealth has grown due to oil discovered on the country’s tropical edge. It is estimated that the total oil at the site is 14.8 billion barrels. This volume is equivalent to 75% of Brazil’s total oil reserves.

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