Brazil includes 79 world medalists in the delegation that will represent the country in Parapan de Santiago

Brazil includes 79 world medalists in the delegation that will represent the country in Parapan de Santiago

The Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) called. 324 athletes from 17 sports competed in the Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile, which will be held from November 17 to 26. In the delegation that will represent the country in the Chilean capital, 79 competitors (24%) won medals at this year’s World Cup finals. In this amount, individual and team sports, as well as individual and team conflicts, were considered. See the full list below.

The sport with the most medals is athletics. Of the 60 called up to Parapan, 33 made it to the podium World Cup ParisFrance, played last July. In addition to them, Allen Rocha that it Christian Ribera He also won medals in one edition of the World Cup this year, but he was in Paralympic skatingIn Östersund, Sweden.

Then comes swimming with 21 winners in Manchester World Cup, England, held in July and August. For the Parapan American Games, 38 swimmers were called up.

In blind football, out of the ten called up, Nine have won World Cup bronze medals for this sportincluded in the schedule of the World Games of the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA), in Birmingham, England, next August.

The exception is winger Ricardinho, who returns to the national team in the continental event after recovering from injury. This injury took him out of competition in the United Kingdom. At that time he was replaced by Samir.

In addition to the three methods mentioned, Brazil will have world medalists in five sports in the Chilean capital: Cycling, Weight lifting, Taekwondo, Shooting And sports shooting.

In the final way, for the first time in history, The country reached the podium at the World Cup. This was done by archers Alexander Galgani, Bruno Kiefer that it Jessica Michalak– Team bronze in air rifle R4 – 10 m – standing position SH2. All three will be in Parapan de Santiago.

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“The medal at the World Cup in Lima [Peru] It was essential to the sequence of the season. This shows that I am on the right track and in the right preparation. “I hope to do better in Chile and secure my place at the 2024 Paris Paralympics,” said Alexandre Galgani, 40, from Sao Paulo, who got into parachuting after losing his body movements after hitting his head on the bottom of the swim. Swimming pool. He was the only Brazilian shooter at the Tokyo 2020 Games. The sport is one of the sports that offers direct places to the Paris 2024 Games, via Parapan de Santiago. Find out more at this link.

Check out the list of Brazilian world medalists who will be in Parapan de Santiago

Athletics (35 medals)
Alessandro Silva (F11)
Aline Rocha (cross-country skiing)
Antonia Killa (T20)
Ariosvaldo Fernandez (Barry) (T53)
Asher Ramos (T36)
Bartolomeu Silva (T37)
Beth Gomez (F53)
Christian Gabriel da Costa (T37)
Cicero Nobre (F57)
Claudine Battista (F56)
Christian Ribera (cross-country skiing)
Daniel Martinez (T20)
Edinilson Floreani (F42)
Fabio Bordignon (T35)
Fabricio Ferreira (T13)
Felipe Gomez (T11)
Fernanda Jara (T47)
Gardenia Felix (T20)
Gerosa Jaber (T11)
Joao Victor Teixeira (F37)
Jose Alexander (T47)
Julius Caesar Agrippino (T11)
Lorena Sepollador (T11)
Maria Clara Augusto (T47)
Mateus de Lima (T44)
Petrucio Ferreira (T47)
Raisa Machado (F56)
Ryan Soares (T13)
Ricardo Mendonça (T37)
Samuel Conceicao (T20)
Thaletta Simplicio (T11)
Thiago Paulino (F57)
Wallace dos Santos (F55)
Ana Brito (F32)
Yeltsin Jack (T11)

Cycling (1 medal)
Lauro Shaman (C5)

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Football for the blind (nine medals)
Cassio Lopez dos Reis
Jardel Vieira Soares
Jefferson da Conceição Gonçalves
Jonathan Felipe Borges
Luan de lacerda gonçalves
Maicon Junior dos Santos Mendes
Mateus da Costa Coelho
Raimundo Nonato
Thiago da Silva

Weightlifting (four medals)
Lara Lima
Maria de Fátima Castro
Mariana D’Andrea
Tiana Medeiros

Swimming (21 medals)
Ana Carolina Soares (S14)
Beatrice Carneiro (S14)
Carol Santiago (S12)
Cecilia Araujo (S8)
Deborah Carneiro (S14)
Douglas Matera (S12)
Edenia Garcia (S3)
Gabriel Araujo (S2)
Gabriel Bandera (S14)
Gabriel Cristiano (S8)
Layla Sozygan (S6)
Lydia Cruz (S4)
Lucelyn Souza (S12)
Mariana Jestera (S9)
Matthews Rayne (S11)
Patricia Santos (S4)
Felipe Rodriguez (S10)
Rowan Souza (S10)
Samuel de Oliveira (S5)
Susanna Schnerndorf (S3)
Talison Glock (S6)

Taekwondo (five medals)
Ana Carolina Mora
Deborah Menezes
Joel Gomez
Nathan Torquato
Silvana Cardoso Fernandez

Shooting (medal winner)
Helena de Moraes

Sports shooting (three medals)
Alexander Galgani
Bruno Kiefer
Jessica Michalak

About the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games
You santiago Parapan American Games, In Chile, it starts on November 17. In exactly 11 days, Brazil will attempt to maintain its dominance in the continent’s biggest Paralympic competition, where it has been at the top of the medal table since Rio 2007. The event will conclude on the 26th of this month.

The Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) called. 324 athletes from 17 sports To represent the country in Santiago 2023, DrOf them, 51 are up to 23 years old. Also called were 10 mentor athletes from athletics, three bocce players and two goalkeepers from blind football. Brazil will be present in athletics, badminton, wheelchair basketball, boccia, cycling, football for PC (cerebral palsy), blind football, goalball, judo, weightlifting, swimming, wheelchair rugby and taekwondo. Wheelchair tennis, table tennis, archery, and sports shooting. .

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“This will be the largest Brazilian Paralympic delegation in history at the Parapan American Games. We can only thank all the federations, clubs, coaches, multi-disciplinary teams and athletes for their dedication and hard work throughout this journey. We hope to maintain the pace and performance of our recent entries,” said Mizal Conrado, who He was elected as the best blind footballer in the world in 1998, two-time Paralympic champion in this sport (Athens 2004 and 2004: “Our athletes arrive at the Games well prepared and we expect that they will bring many medals to Brazil.” Beijing 2008) and President of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee.

At the last edition of Parapan, in Lima, Peru, in 2019, The country entered history with record achievements. The Brazilian delegation won an unprecedented number of 308 medals, including 124 gold, 99 silver, and 85 bronze. No country has achieved so many victories in a single edition of Parapan.

The Brazilian delegation’s trip to the Chilean capital will be divided into groups. The first shipment is scheduled to take place on November 12. Learn 10 more interesting facts about Brazil’s participation in Parapan de Santiago here.

Loterias Caixa and Braskem are the official sponsors of the Athletics.
Loterias Caixa is the official sponsor of badminton, wheelchair basketball, bocce, blind football, goalball, judo, weightlifting, swimming, wheelchair rugby and table tennis.

Communications Office of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee ([email protected])

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