Bradesco’s clients are complaining that money is “disappearing” from their accounts on the app

Bradesco’s clients are complaining that money is “disappearing” from their accounts on the app

Bradesco customers filed complaints on social media (Image: Reproduction, Bradesco YouTube)

Since Monday morning (27), bank customers Bradesco Problems have been reported with their digital accounts. They are saying on social media that their bank balances have been reset or gone negative due to the app failure.

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Downdetector, which reports issues on digital channels in real time, reported that the peak of complaints about Bradesco occurred around 11 a.m., when more than 200 people reported problems. By 5:13 p.m., that number had dropped to 151.

Bradesco's clients are complaining that money is disappearing from their accounts on the app
Downdetector displays an overview of issue reports sent in the past 24 hours, compared to the usual volume of reports depending on the time of day (Image: Reproduction/Downdetector)

“I woke up like this today,” wrote one X (former Twitter) user, showing her account with a negative value of R $ 2,664. Another complained: “I have a bill to pay today, how so?”

Required by NSCTotalBradesco expressed her regret over what happened, and stated that “the current account balances of some of its customers who encountered problems are gradually being updated.” “The situation will soon return completely to normal.”

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