Boris Johnson eases restrictions in the UK from May 17 – business season

Boris Johnson eases restrictions in the UK from May 17 - business season

After more than 3 months, the UK is reopening shops and pubs (Image: Getty Images)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce on Monday, the 10th, a major reopening of the economy from May 17th. The Cabinet will sign the third phase of easing Covid-19 restrictions in England. Johnson estimates the epidemic is under control and things are back to normal.

“We now hope to be able to open cautiously but irreversibly,” the prime minister said at a press conference in Downing Street. Most businesses in all but the most risky sectors will be able to reopen, including bar services such as traditional bars and restaurants.

This relaxation will occur with the relaxation of some restrictions on overseas travel. Hotels and cinemas will reopen, and indoor sports will also resume. Some big sporting shows and events may reopen to paying viewers, with restrictions.

With restrictions eased, Britons will also be able to meet privately indoors, with a maximum of six people or two families. Weddings can accommodate up to 30 guests. On the other hand, gatherings of more than 30 people, even outdoors, will remain prohibited.

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